Why I LOVE outdoor family photoshoots
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Sunday, March 03, 2019
By Jolly Giraffe Creative Family Photography
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1) They are more spontaneous  - Want to climb a tree or jump in muddy puddles? Go for it! 

This usually gets everyone giggling too - perfect! 

2) The children can go exploring and let their imaginations run wild

I often give instructions to the children (age dependant obviously!) to look for animals, fairies, hide behind trees, pick up pinecones, throw some leaves about, and see where they take it! 


3) I love natural light - You just can't beat it! 

I most love the sun streaming through the trees, absolutely love capturing this when it happens! Natural magic.


4) Because natural backdrops are beautiful 

I love the colours and textures around - from cherry blossom trees to autumn leaves, to stones and tree trunks to sit on. This really adds to the photographs! 


5) They can make special childhood memories to look back on 

Especially if it's at a location that is special to your family - I recently photographed my daughter in the woods that I used to play in as a child.


6) You can have more than one shoot a year to capture the different seasons

Many of my families love to come back to me a couple of times a year to capture their growing family, autumn shoots are especially popular but so are winter shoots all cosy and wrapped up, summer shoots in t-shirts and shorts and springtime colours provide some lovely backdrops for photos too.



7) Children are more relaxed for their photoshoots if they get to be themselves = more natural & fun photos! 

Parents often worry that their children will 'misbehave' on photoshoots. I feel giving children instructions to stand still and sit down etc just doesn't work, they become nervous and bring out these cheesy grimaces instead of natural smiles.... much better to be themselves and have space to run about. 


8) It doesn't matter if it rains 

I shoot photographs in almost all weathers - Rain is usually not a problem at all. It can really add to the photos, think umbrellas, and wellie-clad children jumped in puddles enthusiastically. 


9) Because children generally don't spend enough time outdoors these days! 

A recent study commissioned by the National Trust found that on average, UK children only spend 4 hours a week playing outdoors - FOUR!! That's half compared to the average time their parents spent outdoors. I must admit, my happiest childhood memories are of outdoor play, and there are so many recorded benefits of it. So spend an hour or so re-introducing your child to nature and the outdoors whilst I capture all the fun. 


10) Tiring out your children comes with the shoot, free of charge! ;-) 

It's always nice when parents message me after the shoot to say how much their children enjoyed it, and often say the child fell asleep on the way home haha! 


I cover outdoor family shoots including mini shoots in the North of England, drop me a message for my latest availability and package details! 


All images & text copyright Jolly Giraffe Creative Family Photography 

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